Calf Vent

The obvious and most cost efficient first demonstration of Welfair on any farm. Pneumonia is a major concern to all young stock farmers. What most farmers don’t realise is that Pneumonia is the final clinical presentation of a number of possible health challenges for a young animal. These challenges can be either in the atmosphere or though various contacts. Eliminate the airborne vector and you can concentrate on the contact issues for young stock health.

The Calf Vent ventilation system supplies fresh air to your sheds, reducing airborne pathogens and irritants.

Boost Calf Health and herd inputs

Custom design, the only system supplied with a preprogrammed control- because no calf unit manager can know airchange rates.

Key Features

  • Programmed control for your building.
  • Consideration given to age and stocking.
  • The tube is recyclable. Should you choose to we offer low cost replacement for 15 years.
  • All polyethylene construction for zero wear or corrosion.
  • Low cost fan operation.
  • Automatic¬† modulation prevents cold stress.
  • Arrives assembled and wired.
  • Full installation components and instructions.
  • Experienced phone support 24/7.

Technical Spec

  • Precision clip together MDPE housing.
  • 240V, 1ph and 3ph, 50Hz.
  • 110W to 1kW.
  • Speed variable 30% to 100%.
  • Boost available on all controls and low temperate cutout.
  • All metal work galvanised.
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