Drying Systems

From drying small flat stores of grain using biogas from digesters, we have developed a range of driers with our customers.

Our Hot Air Dryers use less power when in use, thus reducing your power costs.

Efficient Drying

Here is a picture of a drying front progressing up through a pile of wood chip. A line is visible between the dried wood chip and the still moist. Above the line reads 25%, below reads 0%. At a certain point, the store operator will cease drying and will mix for a highly marketable product at 14%-20%.

Key Features

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Reduced Noise
  • Compact Construction
  • Modules up to 500kw
  • Soft Start
  • Speed Control

Magdek 500KW Dryer Unit

  • Saves ¬£100,000 power bills during your RHI contract
  • Produces lower noise than any previous dryer
  • Requires less power than any other equivalent dryer

Product Gallery

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