Unveiling Innovation: Magdek PolyPower Chimney™ Ventilation Systems

Ventilation plays a pivotal role in the success of poultry farms, and Magdek is proud to introduce a game-changing solution – the Magdek PolyPower Chimney™ ventilation systems. This cutting-edge design has swiftly become a bestseller among poultry farms across the UK, revolutionizing the way farms approach air quality and environmental control.

Redefining Efficiency:

Magdek’s PolyPower Chimney™ is not just a ventilation system; it’s a statement of efficiency and innovation. The new design boasts higher pressure output, all while maintaining the same electrical load. This groundbreaking advancement translates to enhanced performance, ensuring optimal conditions for poultry without compromising on energy consumption.

Features that Set Magdek PolyPower Chimney™ Apart:

  1. Cut Off Tops: The PolyPower Chimney™ comes complete with cut-off tops, providing a streamlined and aesthetic appearance. This feature not only adds to the system’s visual appeal but also contributes to its functionality, preventing unwanted elements from entering the chimney.
  2. Drop-In Fan Liners: Efficiency meets simplicity with the drop-in fan liners, facilitating easy maintenance and ensuring consistent performance. Magdek understands the importance of a system that works seamlessly, and the drop-in fan liners are a testament to our commitment to user-friendly solutions.
  3. Fitted Roof Collars: Magdek’s attention to detail extends to the fitted roof collars, offering a secure and weather-resistant connection. This ensures that the PolyPower Chimney™ is not only a performance powerhouse but also a durable solution that stands up to the rigors of poultry farm environments.

The Impact on Poultry Farms:

Poultry farmers across the UK are experiencing the positive impact of the Magdek PolyPower Chimney™. The enhanced pressure output means improved air circulation within the farms, creating an environment that promotes the well-being and productivity of the poultry.

Why Choose Magdek PolyPower Chimney™:

  • Innovative Design: The new design sets industry standards, showcasing Magdek’s commitment to continuous innovation.
  • Efficiency: Higher pressure output without increasing the electrical load translates to cost-effective and sustainable ventilation solutions.
  • User-Friendly: Cut-off tops, drop-in fan liners, and fitted roof collars make installation and maintenance hassle-free.

Join the Ventilation Revolution:

As the Magdek PolyPower Chimney™ transforms the landscape of poultry farm ventilation, it invites you to join the revolution. Elevate your farm’s air quality, enhance productivity, and embrace a new era of efficiency with Magdek’s innovative ventilation solutions.

For more information on the PolyPower Chimney™ and how it can revolutionize your poultry farm, contact the Magdek team today. Unleash the power of efficient ventilation with Magdek – where innovation meets poultry farming.

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